I love dismantling things.  I derive some perverse pleasure in taking things apart, likely because it is easier than putting them back       together again!  The exercise of taking things apart is instructive for it points to how another sees a challenge, addresses it and comes up with a solution.  There is much to be learned and gained from the    exercise.

 At the moment, I am tearing down a small 7.5 hp outboard motor.  It was determined, by the previous owner, to be beyond repair.  He wanted it gone and I was the lucky culprit.  Upon getting it home, I poured a special concoction of fluid into the machine and let it sit for 24hrs.  By dissembling bits and pieces I exposed the top of the     crankshaft so as to put a big wrench on it, thereby seeing whether I could free up the stuck pistons.  Glory be it worked!  

 It would have been simple had that been the only challenge with the motor, but alas, no such luck!  I have since struggled to strip five    electrical components off the unit in the hunt for the “no spark”      culprit.  Systematically taking things apart, has allowed me to test each component until I could identify the weak link while pondering the design engineer as to what possessed him or her to create such a wacko design. 

 It reminds me of the journey of faith and the challenge of engaging life’s experiences and getting everything in working order.  There are times when it is easier to pull everything apart and to exam the        offending components of our make-up, than to put it all together again so that the intended human/spiritual result transpires.  I have to admit, that there are even times when I question the design engineer responsible for the creation in the first place.  The good news,        however, is that with a disciplined approach, an unflinching presence of mind and a modicum of skill, we can usually get our house back in working order.  Challenging for sure, but well worth the effort!  

 Now, back to my motor….