Dot Diotte

Via circumstances and people come moments when you know that life has been made a little more palatable and a lot more whole.  Graced moments, shalom experiences, and unique encounters, all echoes of the divine and the human colliding in a cascading shower of fulfillment, encouragement and contentment.  Such rendezvous bless and enrich while providing a sense of Gods ongoing creation in the knowledge that we are not alone but that we live in Gods world.  Through such nurturing moments a warmth or glow is often experienced enabling recipients to transcend the human condition and experience the eternal beyond the fringes of our earthly reality.

Often it is in and through the gifts that we process and offer that God shines forth in our lives as a beacon to those who gather around us.  Sometimes it is through the words that are offered, the tasks that are undertaken, or more often than not, simply ones physical presence.  Being caught up in the lives of one another can at times provide the necessary stimuli to catapult one into a new faith experience or to reawaken a dormant spirit.  Either way, it is the essence of lifes journey to be moved by people of substance, conviction, passion and grace.

Over the years, St. John the Divine has been so graced by a host of characters.  In one particular human expression, through outreach, compassion, friendship and tutelage, Dot Diotte  has consistently raised our consciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Living into her baptismal covenant she selflessly shared, witnessed and modeled a love that has embraced many.  In her own way, faults and all, she held before us the truth that we need to be the church wherever we go and to whom ever we meet.  A pilgrim on a journey, a fellow heir under the reign of Christ!

Thank you Dotmay you rest in peace!