Recently, while sitting in a restaurant having breakfast, four rather rotund men gathered at an adjoining table.  The first gentleman, adorned with his significant girth, attempted to squeeze between the bench seating and the table.  In my humble estimation, the bench and the wall behind were immovable objects.  Recognizing that this endeavour was not going to be pretty, I braced myself for the imagined result.  Sure enough … it was the table that let go!  

In an attempt to save face, in front of the restaurant gawkers, and to placate his male cohorts, the offending male proclaimed in a voice just loud enough for observers to hear, “…ah, an adjustable table!” 

 In much the same way, I sometimes see the Church doing a similar thing. It comes to the banquet of life with a rotund perspective of its self-worth and a pretentious girth of importance, expecting all things to be equal.  Unfortunately, the world is not always kind and something gives. Calamity happens and the church finds itself red-faced trying to justify its predicament.  Feigning ignorance the Church proclaims “…ah, an adjustable table! ” while it is given a renewed chance to re-discover the humility of Christ and the “Grace” that saves the day!