I was attempting to reach my goal of 10,000 steps for the day, while striding my way back to the house from the Public Library. I had a good head of steam up and was quickly closing in on a gentleman who was walking in front of me.  He was lumbering along, in a trace like malaise, enjoying the warmth of the sun upon his on his back.  Fortunately, my shadow popped into his view before I did, giving him ample warning of my arrival.  As I came along side of him, I proclaimed that I had been chasing after my shadow all day!  He laughed and said his shadow was easier to catch because it was moving at a slower tempo!

 It reminded me of my Christian journey.  Regardless of its tempo, I understood what I should be doing, how I should be acting amidst the various nuances of an active life of faith.  It was clear and present, right in front of me, solidly attached to my soul, but just beyond reach - frustrating!  Throughout a day,  it could and did change direction.  It would shrink, disappear or even elongate.  At times, it seem to get close enough for capture, but alas, it proved to be merely a “trick of the light” and adjusted beyond my grasp!  

 I have spent a lifetime playing tag with my spiritual shadow…present, tangible, evasive, and often just beyond reach!  Perhaps, it is like the carrot and the hare, it compels me to try harder, to maintain the effort, to seek ways to embrace it. This is a practice I cherish, but one which will never meet perfection in this world.  But then maybe that’s it… the essence of heaven…the moment when we become “one with the Spirit”!  Indeed, it is all about the Son!