It was all rather funny…my Birthday gift from Sandi.  She had heard me complain about a cell phone that did not work.  So, with an idea in mind, she endeavoured to call the cell phone provider to get me a new phone.  However, trying to get through to an agent proved a challenge and so she elected to try the on-line chat service to order a phone. Below is the transcript of the conversation:

Rogers Live Chat

15:12  ALEXANDRA PARKER I would like to upgrade my husband


15:13  AMMON

Hi.  I’m Ammon from Rogers Chat in Montreal, Quebec. How are you today?



Sorry - I hit send too soon - don’t want to up-grade my husband!   I would like to upgrade my husband’s phone and when I clickedon the offer (iphone X) the option for the 0.00 on the 2 yer ultra tab doesn’t come up.  I would like to up-grade to the most  cost effective plan.


15:15  AMMON

Unfortunately we have sold out of husband’s, but phones we have.

Needless to say, I received a wonderful new phone for my Birthday.  It did however get me thinking as to how many patterns of written or voiced conversations have gone awry over the eons.  I wondered, in a similar vein, how many Biblical errors have transpired through similar imperfect discourses?  Many, I am sure!  That is what makes the study of scripture so rich and rewarding.  The “What if …” scenarios, and the questions…all provide a lively backdrop to the faith journey, a pilgrimage well worth the taking!