What do I want to say about stewardship?  “It’s good!  Just do it, people!”

In all seriousness - why is this important to talk about?  As I have reflected on this topic in the last week, I keep on going back to the idea of how, in every aspect of my identity, stewardship is all around me.  As a nurse, I get to share in being a steward of people’s health and wellbeing.  As a homeowner, I get to keep my home functional and safe for my family and friends.  As someone who loves the outdoors, I get to steward sustainability of the gift of our natural environment.  Importantly, as a mother, I am the steward of my children’s life - one that I am humbled and challenged by.  A gift that gives me glimpses into the wonder of the God that created them. 

The church, at its very core, is a place where all those important things come together in one body and location.  St John’s provides a community and location where I can contemplate, learn, and act on the things that are important in my life - family, environment, resilient health, faith, and maintenance of material belongings.  IN short, How I allocate my money also needs to reflect my priorities.  Learning to allocate my money has brought me freedom.  This month of stewardship allows me to take a pause, look at my finances, and ask “what do I care about? How can my giving reflect that? Do I actively think about it, or is it something I’d rather not address?” 

This month, even if it is challenging, I encourage you, as well, to pause, pray, contemplate and reflect: how do my financial choices reflect my personal and community priorities? 

Thanks be to God. 

Amelia Birch