The Real Kicker

I was indoctrinated early in life that certain things belonged in certain places and had prescribed functions. To violate such a code was tantamount to sin! Now to put things in perspective, I was a rather….hmmm….a rambunctious child. I was less than angelic, to say the least. In fact, if push came to shove,... Read More

To the Glory of God

It was not hard to notice him, for he seemed to be out ofstep with the rest of the world. The location was equally odd. I saw him at the local sanitation station washing his machine. It was a rig that one couldn’t miss, for it was bright yellow with a trailer in tow. His unit was not nearly as big as some that... Read More

The Jesus Equation

I sometimes wonder about Jesus and the messages we perceive he offered.  What is it that captivates, motivates or compels one to proclaim certain attributes about Him? Why are certain lives transformed, changed and indeed resurrected through Him?  What if …? My faith journey does not rest on easy black and white... Read More