I love Advent. I think it might just be my favourite time of year.

 It is a time of great excitement and anticipation, of preparation and watchfulness. We wait with bated breath for what is coming – for who is coming. We get things ready for our long-expected guest.

 In church, we change the colours to a waiting colour – blue. Wesing special songs, say special prayers, and hear special stories to help us get ready for the great and wonderful mystery, which is Christmas. We also get ready by taking a long, honest look at ourselves, and at the world. We ask, am I – are we – ready to receive a baby, a king, a saviour? Are there any dark corners inside us and in the world that need to have light shone on them: the light of hope; the light of peace; the light of joy; the light of love; the light of Christ? How can I – how can we stoke these fires through prayer, reflection, and acts of kindness and generosity both great and small?

 I pray that you will savour the Advent season this year. I pray that you will lean into the waiting, the hoping, the longing, andthe getting ready. I pray that you will taste the sweet flavour of anticipation and excitement that this time brings.

 Christ is coming. Let’s get ready.


Thanks be to God!