Years ago there were several men who travelled a great distance to the town of Bethlehem.  They followed a star to the powerlessness of God lying in a manger.   The star beams shed their light manifesting the Divine Presence in the midst of daily life.  We call such a moment an Epiphany!  Macrina Wiederkehr describes it this way…


Creator of the Stars, God of Epiphanies, You are the Great Star

You have marked my path with light, You have filled my sky with stars

naming each star, guiding it

until it shines into my heart

awakening me to deeper seeing

new revelations, and brighter epiphanies.


O Infinite Star Giver, I now ask for wisdom and courage

to follow these stars

for their names are many

and my heart is fearful.


They shine on me wherever I go

the Star of Hope, the S6tar of Mercy and Compassion

the Star of Justice and Peace,

the Star of Tenderness and Love

the Star of Suffering, The star of Joy

And every time I feel the shine

I am called to follow it 

to sing it, to live it

all the way to the cross and beyond.