During the few weeks that Rev. Cameron has been away a few of our menbers have written in reflections for this space. Here is the fourth by Karen Brumpton.

During the Covid pandemic I have been enjoying Nature & its wonders. I walk the dog early in the morning and very seldom, if ever see another person. I have watched the trees develop a green haze which has turned into their green leaves – soon they will start to turn colour. I’ve watched the ferns poke up through the ground & unfold their lacey fronds. Various flowers have waxed and waned. The bird song is wonderful. The flicker must have found its mate as it stopped its pecking on light posts so to announce its availability. The scents from the flowers in the gardens I pass has been magnificent. On occasion squirrels gambol across the road and on one magnificent occasion I looked into the woods and saw a deer looking back at me. We acknowledged each other’s presence and I carried on. (Fortunately the dog was occupied with a good smell & never noticed). These are all God’s glories and help keep me grounded.