"To our siblings in Christ, 

We are a small group in our congregation that believe in the healing of God and, when safe to do so, practice a technique called Healing Touch.

Pam Tattersfield, Rita Carey, Walter Huber and myself, Judi Rhodes, would like to share with you our interest by giving you an overview of what we do, as explained in this extract from one of our training manuals:" Healing is more than fixing or curing the body or even saving the soul. It is about restoring balance and wholeness to the body, mind and spirit-not only to individuals, but also to relationships, communities, and all creation. Hands-on healing is an ancient form of healing and an integral part of most cultures and civilizations throughout history. There are many hands-on healing modalities that use an energy-based approach to healing. Most faiths and traditions have connections with some form of “energy healing” giving different names to the source of the healing. The use of touch is is completely natural and is one of the oldest methods of healing and comforting. The ability to be an instrument of healing is within all of us, and the techniques of the Healing Pathway are available for everyone.In the Judeo-Christian tradition, there are references that speak of the hands of God as the source of healing. Central to Christian healing is the belief that we do not act alone. We are instruments of God’s healing power, or channels through which Divine light and love, God’s grace, can flow. Therefore, we do not take credit for any healing that is experienced. In the New Testament, there are many stories of Jesus using various means to heal. In each one, Jesus always points beyond himself to God as the source of the healing. 

"At the present time, there is a group at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver, that is practicing healing at a distance with results that may surprise you. Please contact any of us/ Pam Tattersfield if you would like more information."