Joyce Rupp, in her book entitled Prayer, writes, “Prayer keeps our life breathing with love.”

What could be more beautiful than a life that breathes with love.

 And what could be more Christ-like than expanding every breath with love?

 Imagine how that would feel, for ourselves, our family, our community and the planet?  

 Deepening our relationship with God through prayer is one of the ways that can move us closer to a life that is “breathing with love.”

 There are so many ways to enter into prayer; alone in silence, together with friends, through music, being in nature - the list is endless.

 One of my favourite ways to pray is called praying in colour. It is based on Sybil MacBeth's book Praying in Colour, Drawing a New Path to God.

 Here is a very brief outline of the process:

 Starting with a blank page, write down all of the people, places, experiences, and things that you are holding in your heart. You may want to leave space around each word. Once you have finished your list, reread it. Is there a name or a place or an experience that stands out for you? Using a crayon, a marker, a coloured pencil or pen, draw a shape around the word. Focusing on this word, let your hand move freely on the page as you give thanks.

 Feel free to change colours, tools or techniques as you go. You can keep it simple or be elaborate. Once you have finished and given thanks you can move onto another word or simply close your prayer time in silence.

 May we move towards a world held in love.