As I reflect on stewardship this week, I am drawn to our first reading about Deborah from the book of Judges. Judges tells of a time from before the period of kings for the community of Yahweh-worshippers, when the people of Israel were less united – a looser confederation of 12 tribes. Judges is the story of a people who, in times of trouble, had raised up for them, by God, a judge. These are not judges as we know them today, but leaders, who had what was needed for the time. 

However, this story is bigger than just the book of Judges. I think that in some ways it is one of the stories that we receive from the witness of the Scriptures. From the beginning to the end of the Bible we hear story after story of people, called, lifted up by God, because God is fundamentally collaborative; because God has decided not to do this work alone. 

Sometimes the people raised up might not make sense to us, they might seem deeply flawed, or not have what it takes, or not have it all together. Sometimes the people being raised up that makes no sense to us is us, is you. 

God is calling your name; God is raising you up to work together.

Stewardship is about responding to that call. 

Stop and listen. Feel God’s hand cradling you, lifting you up. Hear God’s voice saying, “you, yes you. I believe in you; I have chosen you; It won’t be the same without you.” 

Will you say yes? 


Thanks be to God!