The Parish of St. John the Divine, Squamish

Annual Vestry Meeting Agenda

Minutes from the February 28th, 2021 Vestry Meeting 

Present: Rev. Cameron Gutjahr, Stacey Spencer, David Hildreth, Edie Hildreth, Ruth Fenton, Thomas Moore, Anna Morgan, Graham Morgan, Eve Brealey, Trevor Mills, Donald Lawton, Norma Lawton, Erica Northcott, Judi Rhodes , Karen Brumpton, Muriel Shephard, Paul Smit, Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Diane Riley, Amelia Birch; Andrew Runciman, Igor Oliveira, Danusia Smit, Sarah Braebrook

Notetaker: Elaine Graham

The meeting was called to order at 11:36 by Rev. Cameron Gutjahr. 

Donald Lawton moved, Rita Carey seconded, that the 2021 Annual Vestry Meeting agenda be adopted as presented. Carried

Muriel Shephard moved, Ruth Fenton seconded, that the minutes from the 2020 Annual Vestry Meeting be accepted as printed. Carried

It was noted that the business arising from the minutes will be covered during the meeting. 


Presentation and Reception of the annual reports 

The Rector’s, People’s Warden, Rector’s Warden, Synod Delegate, Altar Guild, Envelope Secretary, and Maintenance reports were presented in the Vestry Report. 

In addition to these reports Rev. Cameron made a pictorial presentation 

reflecting the past year’s activities. 

David Hildreth and Karen Brumpton thanked Rev. Cameron for his support and leadership during this past year. 

Pam Tattersfield spoke to the Synod report

Rita Carey spoke to the envelope report and reminded everyone about the benefits of PAD.

Trevor Mills was thanked for the work he has done over the years in keeping the building and grounds in such great shape.

Karen Brumpton moved, Andrew Runciman seconded, that the reports be accepted as written and presented. Carried 


Presentation and Reception of the Treasurer’s Report/2020 Financial Statements

Eve Brealey presented the financial reports and the Treasure’s report pertaining to 2020.

Eve noted that the GST rebate will be received shortly. 

Eve spoke to the fact that the Diocese has helped out with clergy expenses. 

It was noted that the rectory expenses were higher than expected due to problematic tenants. This situation has been resolved. 

Eve Brealey moved, Edie Hildreth seconded, that the reports be accepted as presented. Carried

Rev. Cameron thanked Eve for all of her help and support. 


Bell Tower and Roof Update

It was explained that at this time we are not moving forward with a decision about repairs to the bell tower and roof as there is not enough information at this time. A special vestry meeting will be called once the committee has gathered all of the information necessary. The committee told the parish that they are trying to get three quotes for this work. It was noted that finding companies skilled and willing to do this kind of work has been challenging. 

Rev. Cameron thanked David for all of his work on this project. 

It was noted that the committee will be applying for grants and that the Diocese is supportive of this initiative. 


Presentation and Adoption of 2021 Budget

Eve Brealey presented the 2021 budget line by line. It was noted that the curacy grant ends in June 2021.

The Diocese has provided the parish with an addition 14,000.00 as an additional wage subsidy due to Covid-19.

Eve Brealey moved, Trevor Mills seconded that the 2021 budget be adopted as presented – Carried

Thanks to all who helped build this budget.


Nominations and Appointment of Parish Council

Rev. Cameron presented the report and asked for nominations from the floor. Edie Hildreth volunteered to be an alternate synod delegate. Thank you Edie. 

Amelia Birch moved, Norma Lawton seconded to elect and appoint the Parish Council for 2021 – Carried 

Rev. Cameron thanked Pam Tattersfield and Muriel Shephard for their time on parish council. 

Appointment of Lay Administrators for Holy Communion

Rev. Cameron presented the list of lay administrators for Holy Communion. Rev Cameron asked if others would like to be added to the list. Erica Northcott volunteered to have her name stand. 

Judi Rhodes moved, Anna Morgan seconded that this list of names be sent to Bishop John Stephens, to request his appointment of them as Lay Administers for Holy Communion –  Carried


In Memoriam

Prayers were said for Eugene (Gene) Pierce, Heather Bewza, Jim Knox, Linda Halvorsen, Gwen Taylor, Dorothy Williams, Miriam MacDonald, Michael DeJong, Mary Sturgeon, Anne Ayre, Lynne Hnetka, Peg Tinney and Bev Rourke.


Other Business

Parish council minutes are posted on the website, please remember to check them out. 

Canon Donald Lawton offered to do a knife sharpening event as a fundraiser- thank you Donald 


Announcements and Adjournment

Rev. Cameron reminded everyone of the 3:30 celebration for the Bishop today.

Rev. Cameron will be away Canon Donald Lawton will be on call for pastoral emergency for the week


Karen Brumpton moved to close the meeting at 12:46

Rev. Cameron closed the meeting with prayer