St. John the Divine - Church Committee Meeting via Zoom Sunday June 7th, 2020

Present: Rev. Cameron Gurjahr, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard, Pam Tattersfield, Rita Carey

Note taker: Elaine Graham
Rev. Cameron opened the meeting with prayer.

Review and Acceptance of Agenda

One item was added to the agenda: Stewardship letter

Karen moved and Eve seconded to accept the agenda as presented - Carried

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes

Muriel moved and Eve seconded to accept the minutes from May 31 meetings.

Business Arising from Minutes

All business arising from the minutes are included in this agenda.

Financials and Envelopes Report


rd and May 3 .

Rita provided the Envelope report noting that unpledged offerings are down.

Eve reported on the April financials. It was noted that an expense of $2,500.00 for the plant fundraiser will be recorded in the May 2020 financials.

Eve moved and Karen seconded that the April financial report be accepted. Carried

Fundraising + Stewardship

Stewardship letters along with donation summary have been sent out in the mail. Rev. Cameron is working on a more general stewardship letter that will go out to everyone via email.


Rev. Cameron spoke about the idea of a group of sewers making cloth masks as a fundraising project. Rev Cameron will deliver the masks. It was agreed that a variety of styles would be great and a $10.00 donation be made per mask.

Rental Groups

There has been a request from Music Together to hold some music classes in our parking lot.

Melissa, one of founders of a produce co-op, has requested to rent space.

Tai Chi would like to come back in August.

*It was noted that there may need to be additional cleaning costs added to our current rental prices. As well there will be extra paperwork for rental groups to complete.

Rev. Cameron will speak with the Diocese to see if any of these projects are viable for St. John at the present time.

Maintenance Report


Trevor reported that there is nothing to report. Trevor and Bruce have volunteered to cut the grass.

David reported that as of May 31st the rectory has been vacated. No notice was given. Rent for April and May has not been paid. The locks have been changed. David reported that the rectory is in need of painting and cleaning. Two quotes have been received for the painting.

The damage deposit will be used to cover some of the costs, David is checking to see if the insurance covers any of these expenses.

David moved and Muriel seconded that St. John the Divine spend $5,900.00 plus taxes for the indoor painting of the rectory. Carried

st ThepaintingandcleaningwillbedonebyJuly1 .

A big thank you to Danielle from Avesta Strata and Property and David for all of the work they have done on the rectory.

Staying Connected Website/Communications

Rev. Cameron reported that through facebook, the website, emails and phone calls that St. John is connecting with many people. Rev. Cameron invited feed back on staying connected.

Elaine to send the minutes from the last three council meetings to Trevor for the website.

Rev. Cameron went to sing at Hilltop last week and reported that it was great! He was outside singing and the residents were in the dinning room with the windows open.



Rev. Cameron would like to introduce a “Summer Series Reflections”. This would be a way for others to participate in the weekly reflections. It could be a picture, a quote or a Q & A with Cameron about faith.

Ministry Groups Healing Touch

Healing from a distance. Pam spoke about healing and prayer over the phone. Pam will look into this further.


It was agreed that both the Prayer Group and the Discussion group would ‘pause’ for July and August.

Upcoming Events Vacation

It was agreed that it was a good time to do a survey to see how people are feeling about the parish . It was mentioned that not everyone has access to the internet so the survey will need to be available in different formats.

Rev. Cameron will be taking 2 weeks vacation in July followed by one week of

th st study leave. He will be gone from June 29 and back on July 21

. Pastoral care will be covered, more information to come on that from Cameron.


There is no new information on this. Rev. Cameron will write up something for the phone tree volunteers so that they can spread the word.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting.
The meeting was closed with Adjournment the Grace.

Next Parish Council Meeting will be on Sunday August 9th at noon via Zoom.