Dear Church, 


I greet you in the name of God, Source of all being, eternal Word, and Holy Spirit. 

Some news from around St. John the Divine. 

In our original Covid-19 plan for Phase III, we had scheduled to resume regular in-person Sunday morning services at the end of October. At our recent parish council meeting, we decided to take a more cautious approach. 

Therefore, In November we are scheduling 2 in-person, 10am, Sunday morning services: November 1st and November 22nd. This will be in addition to our weekly 5pm, short, simple Night Prayer services. These services will be live streamed and recorded for later. The other Sunday morning services in November will be exclusively online. We will continue using our health protocols to help keep people safe. However, I encourage you to stay home if you are feeling unwell, uncomfortable, or vulnerable. Like the Night Prayer services, we ask that you register, either online, by leaving a message, or by emailing the office. 

We plan that the Sunday Morning services will be services of Communion, according to the health guidelines of the diocese. This will include only distributing wafers, and no wine. I stress that no one must participate in Communion if they are uncomfortable. Other instructions for how to participate safely will be shared at the services. 

November 1st is also scheduled to be Stacey’s baptism (God willing). Please pray for Stacey as she prepares for this big day!

Things are uncertain and changing quickly right now, and we will change the plan accordingly and quickly if necessary to keep people safe.

May God be with you, dear friends in Christ. Please keep me, parish council, and the whole St. John’s family in your prayers. 

Your brother in Christ,