When I was asked to reflect on St. John’s and stewardship. I thought... what is it about St. John’s that keeps me returning and what does stewardship really mean to me?

Reverend Cameron’s sermons and weekly writings are not only meaningful and relevant, but they continually challenge me to pause and reflect on my life. I always look forward to participating in these weekly moments of connection.

To me, the parish of St. John’s is like a nurturing parent who want what’s best for you. Like a family, together we celebrate new births, confirmations, birthdays, anniversaries, baptism. And together we support each other and help families grieve in their time of need. In an emergency, St. John’s always steps up to the challenge, and shows great leadership .

I am in awe of the number of people who freely give so much of their Time, Talents, and Treasures to ensure this parish keeps growing and evolving. Our outreach programs support many in need around our local community and beyond. In this time of uncertainty “Pledging “ is one small way that we can show our support and ensure that St. John’s continues to grow and flourish. I encourage everyone to think about what our Parish of St. John’s means to you and the community of Squamish  and how your Time, Talents, and Treasures will help us thrive together.

Anna Morgan