During the few weeks that Rev. Cameron has been away a few of our menbers have written in reflections for this space. Here is the second by Muriel Shephard.


Summer Reflection


Some years ago I was attending a women’s retreat in the Ontario countryside.  One afternoon we were invited to go outside, mark out a square yard of ground and sit and observe it for one hour.  I did as suggested. The patch of rough grass I selected was not something I would normally have looked at twice, but during that hour I focused my attention on every part…. the tiny flowers (weeds in our parlance), the insects, the different grasses.  It was a living world in miniature….. God’s world just as much as the human one.  

That episode was a transformative experience…. I saw God in small things, ‘micro’ as well as in the ‘macro’ - galaxies in space, and everything in between.  It made me more aware of our environment and appreciative of nature.  The God ‘in whom we live and move and have our being’ is everywhere experienced.  The world, a gift to be cherished and cared for.  We are surrounded by God.


  Muriel Shephard