During the few weeks that Rev. Cameron has been away a few of our menbers have written in reflections for this space. Here is the fourth by Anna Morgan.

Back in March, who would have predicted that we would be living in this time of profound uncertainty?

The disruption to our daily lives and “normal” routines has left many of us an excess amount of time to reflect on our faith and what it brings to our lives. Oh how our priorities have changed!

As outside factors seem to spiral out of our control, perhaps more than any other time in our lives, our faith has been brought to the forefront.

Just a few months ago, who would have imagined that a simple walk in the warm sun shine could bring such gratitude? Who foresaw the ultimate joy of seeing family for the first time in months - or that first blissful hug?

Every day we are relentlessly bombarded by distressing news, images, facts and figures - constantly reminded of our human frailty. We have been isolated from family and friends with the ultimate goal of keeping everyone safe.

These life changing events have only strengthened the love of my church family. I miss the warmth and security and unconditional love I feel when I am surrounded by my church friends. As we long for a sense of normalcy, I realize that we took for granted the chatter over coffee every Sunday. I look forward to the in-person laughter, tears, prayers, and joy, and the thought provoking discussions following sermons.

Cameron and the team at St. John the Divine have adapted and excelled at helping us stay connected in meaningful ways. There are zoom meetings and coffee hours, wonderful virtual services full of beautiful music and insightful prayers.

The reality has set in that our “new normal “ might never be the same. I feel lucky that my faith is strong and I believe in the power of prayer.

No one can predict the future, but I know that none of us will ever again take the simple things in life for granted.

Stay safe, stay strong and hopefully we will soon be together again! Anna Morgan