During the few weeks that Rev. Cameron has been away a few of our menbers have written in reflections for this space. Here is the sixth by Edie and David Hildreth.

As we reflect on the impact St. John’s has on our daily life, it is therapeutic to remember Cameron’s words, “Breathe in the love of God and breathe out any fear, anxiety and all things troubling you today.”

No question, the current pandemic has interrupted the in-person companionship at the parish, which is one of the strengths of this magnificent church that we love to come home to each Sunday.

However, adjusting to the challenge presented by COVID 19, Reverend Cameron has been a blessing to us all. The on-line services are uplifting and thought provoking, they exude warmth and love. Although not in person, love and hope is felt in our online services. Each of the readers, the musically talented team and Reverend Cameron’s well-prepared homily’s have us looking forward to Elaine’s email saying the Sunday service is now online.

Challenges are sent to make us strong and St. John’s has risen to meet and deal with them. The rectory situation, the closing of the church building and many more disappointments have made us respond as a family together.

Those of us involved in the phone tree calling have the opportunity to visit with our list of parishioners, so many laughs and stories result, and this is a great way to stay in touch with one another.

Yes, we are experiencing difficult times at present, however we will with God’s help and the loving and caring support of our St. John the Divine’s church family, overcome them.

God Bless all.

Edie and David