Hello!!! It is good to be back after 3 weeks away. 

Sometimes it is hard getting back into the routine, work, and the things of everyday life after such a long time away. However, this week I had the gift of coming back to something wonderful – marriage prep with a lovely couple in the community who I will be marrying this weekend. 

Marriage is one of the sacraments of the Anglican Church, which means that it is considered a special sign or vehicle of God’s grace and love for the world. 

Some sort of marriage prep is one of the requirements that couples go through if they want to be married by me. However, it is more than just a hoop to jump through (I hope!) At its best, this time of preparation is a gift, an opportunity for the couple to have a moment of pause and reflection on this significant life event in an otherwise full and hectic time. 

I think another thing that preparation does is remind the couple that they are not alone in their journey. That’s at least what I tell them, on your behalf.  They are supported by others, by their community, by the Church, and by God in their relationship and life together.  

Please pray for Mel and Gabe as they make promises and begin this new part of their life together this weekend, becoming a living, breathing sacrament. After meeting with them, I know their love will continue to be a blessing to the world. 

Thanks be to God!