A reflection from a parishioner on prayer. 
Some may view my life as ordinary and perhaps it is.  Yet, I have much to be grateful for: today notably a new refill for my pen, homemade pizza for supper and freshly ironed sheets on the bed. Perhaps it’s all perspective? It rained most of today and my dog is ill.
I think thankfulness, gratitude, and prayer are dear friends. 
As I cook I’m grateful for the provision of ingredients, invariably that leads me to think of the farmers growing my food but also pray for those who are hungry as they fall sleep. Gratitude / thankfulness and prayer, once again, hand in hand.  As I walk, I’m grateful my shoes are comfy. I find myself admiring the greens in the trees, the white and grey of the passing clouds over the freshly fallen snow. 
“What is so special about a rainy day?” an acquaintance once said to me. For those that can’t see, or with failing eye sight, seeing a rainy day is a wished-for joy.  Thus, I am humbled by God’s goodness, and thankful that I can see the many trees, and the torrential rain splashing on the street. 
As we navigate Advent and Christmas, which will be a different experience to bygone years, let us not wish away the time, longing-for-it-to-end, but instead extract the happiness from the common, ordinary, things. 
We have an opportunity to pray for those around us, and share our gratitude, even when we can’t meet: a kind note, a text, a letter in the post, or a phone call.  
How will you pray this Advent?  
What are you grateful for?