This past week I spent some time in Vancouver as part of ‘Leaders for a New Day’ – A learning Event for Theological Field Education Supervisors. This was a conference put on by the Vancouver School of Theology (VST) for those who are supervising theology students.

Our stewardship month at St. John’s is not just an opportunity to reflect on our individual stewardship – how we use all the gifts, the resources that God has given us – but also our collective stewardship as a church community.

As part of that, I think that we can celebrate and name that St. John’s taking on a theological student this year is part of our stewardship, our participation and investment in the wider Church in raising up and forming ‘leaders for a new day.’

It is such a privilege, honour and responsibility to have Sarah with us.

And like the best sort of stewardship in God’s circular economy of grace, what we give we also will get back abundantly, in beautiful and sometimes surprising ways.

I already feel that we have been richly blessed by Sarah’s presence and ministry with us, as much as she has been blessed (I hope) by our investment in her.

We have more to do to grow, more to do to align ourselves and our stewardship (individually and collectively) with God’s Kingdom and purposes, but we can also celebrate and give thanks for where we might already be living into that dream that God is dreaming for us and for the world.

And so, as we reflect upon stewardship and fill out stewardship forms for St. John’s, I invite you to notice, celebrate and give thanks for where the story of your/our stewardship already reflects and witnesses to the love, mercy, justice and generosity of God.

Thanks be to God!