Stewardship – using the gifts God gives us to do the mission God is calling us to do.

If ‘thanks’ is the first step of stewardship, then the second step is ‘hope.’ 

Hope makes stewardship a forward-looking exercise – dreaming about how our gifts might be used in God’s mission – God’s dream for us and for the world. The discipline of stewardship is therefore one of wild imagination and unfettered wonder, as we are invited to dream alongside our Creator. 

Stewardship is a risky business; it is a risk to make a commitment to an unknown future. However, the true risk is letting fear eclipse our hope – not letting the dreams we dream be bold enough; large enough for the future, the mission God is calling us to. Stewardship is a leap of faith, fueled by trust; fueled by a dream. 

And so, as we continue in our month of stewardship, I invite you to reflect this week on the following questions:

What am I hopeful for? 

What do I think God’s dream for me and for St. John’s is? 

In my wildest imaginings, what is my hope for St. John’s in 1, 3 and 5 years’ time? 

How can I let my giving – my stewardship – be fueled by hope? 

I am full of hope.

I am full of hope for what the future holds for us at St. John’s. 

I am full of hope and excited to wonder, imagine and dream with you, and with our God who lovingly calls us. 

Thanks be to God!