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One of St. John’s mutual ministry goals for this year is stewardship & service. 

This is not really a new goal but is always something that is worth keeping front of mind.  

What this goal means, I think, in short, is to align our resources – our money, our time, our skills, our building… - with our mission, in service to God, in service to others, in service to the upbuilding of the Kingdom.

It might look like, as the roof gets finished up this year, us keeping front of mind that the building is not the point in and of itself. Rather, it is a tool for ministry and service in the community. 

It might look like reflecting and celebrating where we use our limited resources well, in ways that are generous, compassionate, and not self-serving, and realizing that those are intentional decisions – Hilltop House, Tot Time, Community Christmas Care… 

It might look like consciously using this lens of stewardship & service to evaluate where we could do better as a community and to make decisions about new projects and opportunities. 

I am really excited about this goal, and I hope that we can all engage with it, both individually and communally. Because every decision we make is a stewardship decision. Every small decision we make has an impact, and, enough of these small decisions become who we are, become the truth. 

May our truth, in stewardship and service, reflect the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Through our many decisions, both great and small, may we become ever more aligned with the heart of God. 

Thanks be to God!