As my first two years at St. John’s come to an end (yes, really, already!), I have so much gratitude in my heart. However, there is one person that I would like to name in particular.

Many of you know that Philip Cochrane has been my mentor since I began this adventure, my very first parish, here with you, in July 2019. Every week we have met – Thursdays at 9am – and he has listened to my joys and sorrows, answered my many, many questions, encouraged me, kept me accountable, and has most importantly, upheld you and I in prayer without ceasing for the past 24 months. 

Sometimes we have people who are in our lives at just the right time, and I believe that Philip is just such a God-sent individual. His ministry with me, with us, I believe has in turn allowed for the flourishing of our ministry here in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Please join me in giving thanks and praying for Philip and his parish of St. Paul’s, knowing that he, I am sure, will continue to be a dear friend to us at St. John’s. 

Thanks be to God!