The final mutual ministry goal for St. John’s this year is to develop our music ministry.  

I might be biased as the person who is often up playing and singing, but considering that we haven’t had a regular, permanent musician for the past few years, I feel like our music ministry has been surprisingly good! This is thanks to both the generosity of the talented musicians in our community, as well as the generosity, openness, and joyful spirit of this congregation, who are committed to making a joyful noise to our Creator, no matter the circumstances or musical configuration.     

However, as we imagine what building on our music ministry might look like this year, I think it is good to think about this ministry as being bigger than just Sunday mornings. I believe our music ministry includes all the ways that we support, encourage, host and sponsor the arts in Squamish all year long. Something that we can be proud of as a community.  

Despite the good things that we already have going for us, this goal seems the most daunting to me. Isn’t that interesting? However, I am also excited! Music is a gift from God, that, more than almost anything else, lends itself to prayer and praise, to connection and community.  

And so, we are going to try to do something this year, to build on the foundation we already have. Maybe what we try will look pretty traditional, like a Sunday morning choir. Or maybe less traditional, like the ukulele hymn jam that was taking place before covid, or a band, or a resident quartet of singing monks (OK, that last one was mostly a joke).  

Whatever the case may be, I ask that you dream and pray courageously with me about this. Together, let us imagine how the gift of music, in big ways and small ways, may continue to connect us with God, blessing us and blessing our world.  

Thanks be to God!