I did my first degree in evolution and ecology. Some people have asked me why I made such a sudden change, after deciding I would go do my Master of Divinity.  

For me, these are not two incompatible fields, but are rather deeply connected.  

Taking samples, looking down microscopes, learning about the great and wonderful diversity of life were holy experiences – spiritual practices, even.  

What could, after all, be more sacred or spiritual than these two ideas? Evolution: the connectedness of all life through time; andecology: the connectedness of all life through space.  

Our scriptures tell stories that I find consistent with these ideas too; stories about how all things have their beginning in the love of God (as Julian of Norwich would put it), or stories about how we are tied up together with creation – that what do has an effect on others, on the world.  

In this Season of Creation, I pray that we may feel this real connectedness that we share with all creation – the spiritual practice of evolution and ecology – a connection through space, through time, and through a God who loves it all.  

Thanks be to God!