February 14 is Valentine’s day. 

This now-commercialized holiday of flowers, chocolates and cards rose out of an ancient Christian feast dedicated to Saint Valentine. 

Valentine (or Valentinus) was a Roman priest or bishop that lived in the 3rd century, ministering to persecuted Christians. Not much is known about him for sure, other than that he was martyred for his faith and work, but many legendary accounts have sprung up around him. It was only in the Middle Ages that his day started to become associated with courtly love. 

Even though this day has lost a lot of its religious meaning, it doesn’t have to be all bad. We can resist and critique those parts that are unhealthy and harmful, while celebrating the good. 

It is good to celebrate love, in all its forms, because God is Love (1 John 4:8). 

Old love, new love, romantic love, the love of friendship, of family, self-love… are all reflections of that greater love, which is God’s – is God. 

May you be blessed, today, tomorrow, and then the next, by all those you love and who love you, and in that, may you get a taste, catch a glimpse, of God’s great love for you.

Thanks be to God!