Here at St John's we are excited to be expanding our children's ministry and we are looking for an energetic enthusiastic individual to help us. Please see below the job description and application information for our Children's Ministry Leader job opportunity.

See the bottom of the page for a PDF download. 

St. John the Divine Anglican Church – Diocese of New Westminster

1930 Diamond Road


[email protected]

Job Description: Part-Time Children’s Ministry Leader

Position Overview: 

The Children’s Ministry Leader will help facilitate two new ministry programs for children and families at St. John the Divine Anglican Church: a monthly event for families, and a weekly Sunday School for children. They will work with the ministry team to offer programing that will empower, encourage, and connect children and their families with each other, the church community, and with God.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain professional social and emotional boundaries with children, parents and members of the congregation.
  • Organize and distribute a schedule for children ministry volunteers.
  • Help children and families who come to St. John’s to feel welcome, safe and connected to each other, the Church, and to God.
  • Encourage and facilitate children and families in having fun, and learning about and exploring their spiritual lives in community.
  • Prepare for and offer leadership in Sunday School, with volunteers, using Godly Play, or other curricula as needed, including storytelling, games, crafts and prayer, at least two Sundays a month. 
  • Plan and offer leadership, with volunteers, for a monthly family program, including food, activities, storytelling, music and prayer. 
  • Maintain spaces used for children’s ministry, ensuring that they are clean, organized and well-equipped.  
  • Regularly update and refill children’s activity bags.
  • Share in some light administration tasks, including handing out and collecting registration/information forms, as needed. 
  • Other duties as required.

Supervision & Support: 

  • The rector and/or a designated warden will provide regular supervision.
  • Acknowledging the limited hours, the rector, other staff, parish council, and volunteers will collaborate and offer intentional and meaningful support to the Children Ministry Leader with recruitment, administration tasks, planning, and the leadership of programs and events. 


  • Experience working with children required, preferably in a religious context.
  • Understanding of child cognitive, physical and faith development, and ability to offer age appropriate programming. 
  • Ability to communicate Christian faith.
  • Knowledge of, or willingness to learn about, Anglican tradition and identity.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to work with others. 
  • Ability and experience in developing age-appropriate programs and planning events. 
  • Sensitivity and confidentiality. 
  • Ability to fulfill role in Christian community that is welcoming to a diversity in gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and family lifestyles. 

Requirements of the position: 

  • Will comply with the Sexual Misconduct Policy of the Diocese of New Westminster, including submitting a Criminal Record Check with a vulnerable person check, undergoing training, and any other screening requirements.
  • Willing to be trained (if not already) as a Godly Play storyteller.


  • Reports to the Rector and/or a designated Warden.
  • Meet periodically with supervisor to discuss progress, opportunities and challenges.
  • Engage in a yearly performance review.
  • Reports to parish council as required. 
  • Write report for the Annual Vestry Meeting (AGM). 

Hours/Conditions of Work:


  • This part-time contract position will require flexible scheduling on a weekly and seasonal basis. 
  • Some of the coordinating and preparation duties can be done from home. 
  • The majority of the role will be performed in the church building. 
  • A shared computer and office space is available in the church. 
  • Over a month, on average 2 hours a week will be spent on Sunday School. The Children Ministry Leader will be responsible for directly leading (with a volunteer) a minimum of 2 Sundays a month.  
  • An additional 4 hours will be spent a month helping to plan and offering leadership at the monthly family event. 
  • Additional hours will be available at the beginning of the position for training, as required.
  • Additional hours will be available at the beginning of the position for the initial set-up of these programs, in consultation with the designated supervisor and ministry team.
  • Additional hours may be available on an ongoing basis, as needed, in consultation with the supervisor and ministry team.
  • A timesheet, including hours and duties, will be submitted monthly. 
  • This will be a year-long contract, beginning in March 2020, with the possibility of renewal. 


This position is 2 hours a week (flexible average over a month), with an additional 4 hours a month, at $25 per hour. 


Resumes, cover letters, and references can be submitted to [email protected] until Monday, February 24th, 2020.