St. John the Divine - Church Committee Meeting via Zoom Sunday May 31st, 2020

Present: Rev. Cameron Gurjahr, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard, Pam Tattersfield

Regrets: Rita Carey
Note taker: Elaine Graham

Rev. Cameron opened the meeting with prayer.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the report sent out by the Diocese of New Westminster regarding the re-opening of churches. Rev. Cameron asked for comments regarding the re-opening document as they pertained to St John the Divine.

It was noted that during this phase of reopening there would be no singing, no coffee time following worship, no Communion, and no passing of the peace. All of the bibles, prayer books and hymnals will be removed from the sanctuary. The printed order of service will include all that is needed for worship. There is also the options of all of the information being projected onto a screen.

After much discussion, the committee agreed that given our demographic, the amount of cleaning and monitoring of people in the building, and Rev. Cameron’s holidays/study leave in July, that now is not the time for St John to enter into Phase Two.

Muriel Shephard moved, and Anna Morgan seconded, that Rev. Cameron and the Wardens work on a plan for St. John the Divine to move into Phase 2. Carried

Rev. Cameron will write a letter to the parish regarding the parish council’s decision.

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

Reminder: the next church committee meeting will be on Sunday June 7th at noon via Zoom.