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Each year the church asks for resources to carry out its ministry. And like all congregations, the two main expenses that absorb a parishes financial resources are the incumbent’s salary and the church plant. Neither represent great altruistic causes. Let’s face it, as a people, we are moved to give when there is a particular philanthropic need, not to brick, mortar or salary.  That being said, there is something to the disciplined, intentional and regular patterns of giving. Going beyond commitment and gift to stewardship where our stance becomes one of gratitude to God for all of our life and living. We give and act so that others may be, no strings attached. It is what caring and loving are all about, without conditions or stipulations. We respond to God as God first responded to us! Please consider your pledge statement for this year your gift of gratitude to God, as lived through the  Church of Christ.


*It would be greatly appreciated f you could return your pledge cards to either Rita Carey or the church office by Friday January 11th*