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Here are the lyrics of the song that was sung in church on October 2nd, 2022. Words and music by Melanie Hackett. 

The sorrows of the nations wrought by the powerful
The loss of creation through disrespect of Earth
It leads to isolation and brokenness of soul
No ecojustice for those most deserving

But I can still be found,
In the rocks in the trees, on the eagle’s wings and the ocean’s breeze
In the sun in the waves, in the orca’s leap and in lightless caves
I’m in the storm that forms the rainbow
In the ashes of the volcano, in the wasteland and empty crater
I will fill it with cobalt spirits, deep blue mirror of Earth’s healing tears
When the lava flows burn burn burn
I’ll make fertile soil and the fireweed blooms.

When you gaze in the cobalt crater what does it reflect?
Who are the powerful? Who’s able, the Earth, to protect?
Are you the beneficiary of Earth’s tears of pain?
Who from wealth can gain, when water’s needed by all?

I can be found
In the rivers in the glaciers in the crimson clouds and the dancing mist
In the music of red maples, in the heart of the brave young activist

I’m in the storm that forms the rainbow
In the darkness I’m in the stars, in the laughing face of the moon
You can find me after the deluge when I set the desert aflame
When the wildfires burn burn burn
I’ll pop the pinecones alive, and the fireweed blooms.

When loss and grief find you, like lava through your veins
When your heart is an empty crater, when your cobalt spirit rains
Remember transformation, the dichotomy
In mourning and in misery, heart break and tragedy:

You can find me
In the moss on the mountain, in the silence… of sailing snow.
In the song of the bee, in the thundering gale I am Earth’s Esprit …
In the echo of the canyon, scent of sage, pinyon pine and banyon
In the echo of time past, in the echo of time to come
Earth’s Esprit …

I’m in the storm that forms the rainbow.
In the husky sky of winter, I’m the sundog howling at the moon.
In the eye of the squall there is clarity and peace.
When the icy winds burn burn burn
Part of you will have to char, for you to glow.
For fireweed blooms, for fireweed bloo-oo-ooms