Stewardship Reflection: Stewardship – the dirty word!

Years ago when this topic came up in churches, you could imagine a collective groan from clergy. For so many years, the focus was on money and the churches need for more of it. It was a stressful time. There was little education on the whole topic.

From the creation story to today, we are asked to be aware of all areas of our lives (stewardship) whether with our families, our homes ( are using natural gas or electricity?) in our neighbourhood, are we checking on that senior down the street?

Stewardship to me is a very practical activity, it means greeting people on the street, at the check-out counter, recognizing children and young people even when they are ‘plugged in’. It means using our whole being to focus on what is God’s plan for each of us as His child, steward, on this earth.

Years ago Donald and I tithed our income, that was one tenth of our income before expenses. We did that for many years until we understood that all areas of what we owned, how we were helping others with our talents were also included in the meaning of tithing and treasure. We continue to give before expenses and have been rewarded over and over. So, all that you have and all that you are (from the marriage ceremony) – stewardship in a nutshell!

Norma Lawton