Dear St. John’s friends and community, 

At the end of this month, it will be five years since I moved to Squamish. Five years since I joined you in the good work that was happening at and through St. John the Divine. It has also been five years since St. John’s made the jump from half-time paid, ordained ministry to full-time paid, ordained ministry.

It has been a wild, wonderful ride. I am so grateful for what we have done together, with God’s help, through all the ups and downs. I have experienced such profound joy and encountered God's love, grace, and peace in powerful ways alongside you.

I don’t want to go anywhere. There is still much to do, so much potential to love God and neighbour here in the Sea to Sky together.

And so, whether you are a member of the congregation, a friend, or a supporter of what St. John’s is about and doing in our community, I invite you to sign up to become a monthly donor.

We are so often, as a church, skating by on a razor’s edge financially. So, a monthly gift of just $20, $50, $100 or more helps hugely our ability to continue to serve in this place with confidence.

There is a story that Jesus tells about a small seed that a person planted in the ground. This, the smallest of all the seeds, to everyone’s surprise, grows into a great tree, a tree where every bird of the air finds a place to rest.

That is an image for all of us, I hope, of what St. John’s can be – a place of refuge and rest for all. This is also an image for all of us, I hope, of the power of something small to bless the world.

And so, I invite you, if you feel so moved to sign up to become a monthly supporter in 1 of 3 ways:


1. Send an email to and we will follow up with you to get the information we need to set up PAD (pre-authorized deposit) through your bank or get you weekly giving envelopes.

2. Sign up to give monthly on

3. Commit to a monthly donation:


I pray that as a community, we may continue to be blessed and to be a blessing to the world.


In gratitude,