Advent is one of my favourite times of year. 

But what is Advent?

Advent is a time when we wait for what is at its core a mystery; when we get ready for what we cannot predict or expect; when we try to know more deeply something that is unknowable. Advent is a time rich in symbolism, imagery, paradox and meaning that defies simple explanations. 

And so, Advent is, perhaps, best approached, explored and experienced through art. In that Spirit, I offer to you today a little poem I have written for you.

Advent is a Letter

Advent is a letter sent

to someone you haven’t seen 

in a long, 




Pouring memory, love, longing, 

and hope of reunion

into every

word and letter.


Have you received it yet?

How did you react to this

or that? 

Waiting for a response with bated 


Take a breath. 


Breathe deep and





Something is coming…

May you enter into, and live fully Advent this season. 

Thanks be to God!