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I think it is fitting that the first Sunday in our month of stewardship at St. John’s is the same Sunday that we are marking All Saints Day this year.

 The Communion of Saints is that great procession that exists, past, present and future – the beloved community, the great dance of which we are all a part.

 As we engage in stewardship once again, I hope this day can remind us that we do not do this work of being the Church alone. Not only do we have God with us, always, but we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us; we have each other, right now, as collaborators to the work that God has called us to; and we labour, remembering those who come after us, who in turn will look back on us as their ancestors, with gratitude.

 Let us continue the dance with all the saints of God in every age.

Thanks be to God!



 Photo: The pumpkin I carved this year for Halloween – all the hallows (saints) dancing round and round and round.