I write this as we wind down Community Christmas Care for 2022. 

It has been a full week. 

But I don’t know if there is a better way to get ready for Christmas, for the birth of God’s own self, than this local labour of love – caring for one another like this, in practical ways. 

As we prepared and handed out over 350 hampers to individuals and families in Squamish, I thought about the story of the Magi, who travelled a long, long way, to bring gifts to a family in Bethlehem that was going through a hard time. I thought about that baby, whose family was blessed by the gifts of those strangers, who grew up to bless others; who grew up and fully identified himself with those who were struggling in our world, and called us to do something about it. 

I want to thank you, St. John’s, because my involvement with Community Christmas Care is because of you. It is because you think that my time is worth spending on a project like this, to help folks we might not have met, or ever meet. I do this work, to the glory of God, to the extent that I do, due to your support. 

Thanks be to God!