I was talking to Melanie Hackett this week about music for Trinity Sunday. She has been the one offering us beautiful outdoor fiddle music for our services recently. What I ended up requesting of her for this week was a dance, a reel that one might play at a ceilidh (kind of like a Scottish or Irish square dance). 

The great mystery of the Trinity is one of my favourite things that Christians claim about God. It suggests that God’s very nature is relationship – a dynamic union in motion, like a dance where it is difficult to know where one person begins and the other ends. It is a dance that we are invited into with all creation. 

At my first ceilidh I was awkward and unsure. However, my friends, along with complete strangers took my hand and pulled me in, showing me the steps. They encouraged and guided me along, until I was laughing, and my cheeks were flushed. I started to get more and more of the steps, and I too became one with the music, with the dance. So it is, I believe, with us and God, three-in-one. 

Enjoy the reel this week, let your toe tap, and imagine yourself being swept up in the cosmic dance of the Trinity. 


Thanks be to God.