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by Rev. Cameron

As part of Advent this year I am participating in #Adventword, an online calendar to help us prepare for Christmas. Each day of Advent is given a word, and there is an option to sign up to receive a daily email. There is also an option to engage by posting a photo every day. This is what I am doing! You can see my daily pictures and reflections on our Facebook page (it will also be updated periodically on the website).  

Here is my picture and reflection from Tuesday December 8th.  

Do you know how long it takes a tree to decompose? Decades. Centuries. It’s hard to imagine that this small, delicate fungus can be a part of the total transformation of something as giant, solid and enduring as this tree, but it can. It’s amazing. It just takes time. I wonder if that’s kinda like how we might participate in the advent of the Kingdom.

O God, it’s hard to imagine how something as small and delicate as us can be involved in something as big as the transformation of the whole world - there is so much that seems too hard, too enduring to break down, to change. Give us eyes to see the difference we make in the greater story. Give us patience in our work. #patient #adventword

To see more in this series please click HERE to go to our webpage where all the days so far are listed.