Whenever I pray extemporaneously (in my own words), I always begin with a prayer of thanks.
Even when I’m not feeling particularly thankful, which does happen from time to time, I try to
always begin by thanking God for every good gift, even if it is just for this day, this moment, this

I do this because I think that gratitude is more than just a feeling. Gratitude is possible, even
when were aren’t feeling particularly grateful. Thanks-giving is an attitude, a posture, a habit
that we can develop and practice with intention.

Finding moments throughout the day to give thanks is an important part of exercising this
transformative spiritual practice. This is the power of stopping, even if for only a moment, for a
quick grace, to go to gratitude, before a meal.

This weekend, we give thanks, particularly for the earth and its abundant harvest. Many of us
will also give thanks for food, family, and community. But we don’t have to let this be the end.
We can let this weekend be a catalyst to begin developing our practice, rooting our hearts more
deeply in gratitude for all that God has done.

Thanks be to God!