Alleluia, Christ is risen! 

The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Again, we celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection in a pandemic, not being able to mark this holiest of days like we are used to. 

I wonder if it feels more or less like Easter to you this year than last. Are you feeling it? Are you ready for it? 

Thankfully, Easter comes whether we are ready or not; whether we are feeling it or not, new life breaks in upon us. We look and the tomb is empty – where we expected to find death and decay we are instead surprised by abundant life. 

However you are, I think that we need Easter more than ever this year. I think that the resurrection matters even more when things are difficult, like it is right now. 

So, I invite you to remember and celebrate this holiest feast, whatever that looks like for you today. 

Celebrate! Whether your feast is some chocolate, or some other delicious treat; whether it is a call with friends or family; whether it is going for a walk or planting some seeds in the earth; whether it is putting on some music you like or that might even make you dance a little; whether it is an act of generosity for someone who might need it; or whether it is letting joy and hope into your heart, even if just a little bit; join in the feast however you are able. 

Let us remember what our God has done. Let us remember that our Saviour lives. Let us remember the new life that is ours. Let us sing our alleluias – quietly or loudly – and sow them like seeds in the soil of world. 

Thanks be to God – Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!