I invite you therefore, in the name of the Lord,

to observe a holy Lent

by SELF-EXAMINATION, penitence, prayer,

fasting, and almsgiving,

and by reading and meditating on the word of God.

(Exhortation from Ash Wednesday Service, BAS pg.282)


Lent is coming to an end; our getting-ready for the great and wondrous mystery of the Resurrection is almost over. As we reflect on this Lent, and look forward to Holy Week and what comes next, let us practice the discipline of self-examination. 

Self-examination, I think, is at the heart of all those other Lenten disciplines. Through them, we ask some very important questions. Who am I? Who am I in relation to others? Who am I in relation to the world? Who am I in relation to God? 

What have you learned this Lenten journey? What have you noticed? What revelations and truths have you encountered? 

Let us finish preparing the soil of our selves through our Lenten disciplines, so that Easter may take root in our hearts and blossom in our lives. 

Thanks be to God!