One of our shared goals as a community this year is “Prayer.”

What is a church, but a community that prays with each other - for each other, and for the world. 

Prayer, in all its diversity, makes a difference, it changes things, and perhaps most importantly, it changes us.

I actually think that prayer is the foundation of every other goal that we have for this year: Sustainability, Whistler, and Connection. As we grow in prayer, I believe we will grow in these things too, and so much more. 

One thing that I have been trying recently is praying with people. Maybe you are thinking, “duh, obviously!” However, it is not something that I had been in the habit of doing before in this way. So, lately, whenever I meet or speak with someone (if I discern it is appropriate), I have been trying to ask at the end of our time together, “can we pray before you go,” or “can I say a quick prayer with you?” It sometimes feels a little awkward to ask, but every time (without exception) it has been a beautiful, holy moment in my day. 

Through this small, simple practice, I have noticed that it has changed how I have been going about my life.  I have found myself, more regularly, giving thanks and taking time to pray for situations and people throughout the day, even when I haven’t asked the question outright. I have found that I have been more open to seeing God's presence and action in each person and moment. 

So, here is my invitation for you: next time you are speaking to a loved one, or maybe a friend from church, ask, “can I say a quick prayer with you,” and pray together. It might feel a little intimidating if you are not used to it, but I think it is worth the risk. I believe in you!

I wonder how else we can foster our prayer life as individuals and as a community this year? I would love to hear your ideas. Maybe we can chat about it, and even have a time of prayer together. That would be a real gift. That would change things.

Thanks be to God!