The season of Easter is past, Pentecost is done, and Trinity Sunday as well. So, now we move into the Sundays after Pentecost. This is called “ordinary” time, and is marked with a new liturgical colour – green. It is not as noticeable as when we were meeting together in-person, but you might notice in the online services the change in colour at the psalm. This is a small symbol to mark the continued turning of the Church’s calendar. 

This season (which is not really a season), is the longest of them all, stretching from now until Advent – weeks upon weeks of green. This time, however, is far from ‘ordinary.’ In Godly Play, a wonderful children’s ministry curriculum, it refers to this time as the “great, green, growing Sundays.”

We need this ordinary time, these ‘great green growing Sundays,’ not to go away or check-out, but for growth, to put into practice what we have learned and experienced in Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Trinity. 

I pray that in this non-season, you may feel the gift of ordinary time. I pray that we may grow into where God is calling us, into whom God has created us to be. 


Thanks be to God!