Another of our shared goals for this year is “Whistler.” 

When I was still at seminary in Ontario, before I knew I was coming to Squamish, I had to invent a church for a class. Do you want to guess what it was? It was St. Bernard’s Whistler! (pun intended) What are the odds?!

Coincidence aside, over my first year at St. John’s I have felt a consistent pull to Whistler. Over and over again things seemed to keep falling into place, indicating there might be energy and capacity for some form of Whistler community. 

To be honest, I was not thrilled. I resisted. “No way!” I said to myself, and to God, “not me!” “That’s not what I’m here for.” “I barely know what I’m doing as it is.” “I don’t have the skills or experience.” “This is too wild and big and new!” God laughed, I’m sure. 

I’m slightly more agreeable now, and nerves are giving way to excitement as we begin the discernment for this new thing. 

We are the parish of St. John the Divine. The Anglican understanding of parish is more than a building. It is more than just the people that gather together on Sunday mornings throughout the year. It is a geographic area of responsibility, and a reminder that as Christians, as the Church, we are called to look outward. Whistler is part of our parish, and so this new thing we are exploring is part of our witness and mission in this place, in our parish.

I don’t know what will happen with this nascent part of our community, but I’m so excited to find out where the Spirit is leading. I’m excited that we have taken this on as a goal, not letting our dreams be too small for God’s dream for us. 

Thanks be to God!