We are well into the second week of the campaign for the Federal election, taking place on Monday October 21st.

 Oh no! Politics and religion – those two things that should never be talked about alone, let alone together. Some people feel strongly about this, that these two topics, these two areas of life should never mix.

However, I strongly disagree.

 I do agree that church and state should be separated – we did not wear that power very well. I do agree that we should not be engaging in partisan politics – you will never hear me tell you how to vote.

 However, when we follow Jesus, it is not just when we are at church, or when we want to, it is in every aspect of our lives.

 How does one faithfully engage in the electoral process as a Christian? I think we do so by remembering that no political system or party is the Kingdom of God, and that no political leader is the Messiah. I think we do so by remembering to pray, to read, to learn, to dialogue, to reflect, to hold accountable, to be curious, to be forgiving, to be humble, and to keep in our minds always the love of God and love of neighbour.  

 It’s not simple or straightforward, and faithfully engaging in this process as followers of Jesus, we might each reach a different conclusion come October 21st. That’s OK. God is still working, building a Kingdom, brick by brick, vote by vote, heart by heart.

 Thanks be to God!