I wasn’t 100% convinced about these “back-page reflections” when I first took them on. However, over the past year, I have really enjoyed this space to write and reflect on a variety of topics in 300 words(ish) or less. In that time, I have so appreciated all your responses, especially when you have learned something new, or had something resonate with you. 

This summer, I will not write any back-page reflections at all. Instead, I have given this space to the parish council, who will contribute their reflections in July and August. I hope you will enjoy hearing about the faithful thoughts and experiences of your fellow siblings in Christ. 

I think this is so important; as followers of Jesus, we are called to share about our faith with one another. However, sometimes we can be a little timid. Maybe we don’t want to offend; maybe we are afraid of embarrassing ourselves. Don’t be afraid. I believe that all of us have something to say about the Good News that nobody else can say like you. 

As you read these reflections this summer, I hope that you will be inspired. I pray that you will practice sharing your faith and praying with each other. The living God is moving through our world and in our lives, and I for one would love to hear about it from you. 


Thanks be to God!