One of the major ways that we prepare for Holy Week and Easter during the Lenten season is through prayer. Coupled with our mutual ministry goal at St. John’s this year of fostering prayer, I have noticed an increasing amount of it in my life of late. 

My days and weeks are becoming ever more saturated with prayer. I am involved in multiple and interlocking rhythms, like every weekday morning in Lent, on Sunday mornings and nights, and as part of our weekly prayer group. Prayer begins and/or ends parish council meetings, and check-ins with my mentor, and more and more of my random meetings and conversations throughout the week.

The time between praying is growing shorter and shorter.

And do you know what? It has not been a burden. Rather, it has been a joy. It has made a difference (imagine that?!) I can feel that I am more grounded, more grateful, more connected with myself, and God and others, because of the presence of prayer in my life. 

It hasn’t come together all at once. It isn’t always easy. It continues to be a practice that needs nurturing in my life. It continues to require trial and error, as well as adapting or letting go of rhythms and practices that no longer serve my spiritual life. But it has been well worth it. 

I hope that those times between prayer continue to become shorter and shorter. Maybe that is ultimately the purpose of these rhythms in our lives. That eventually every moment of prayer becomes connected, so that everything in between them is upheld, and maybe even becomes prayer itself. 

Maybe this Lent is an opportunity for you to try something new, to find and try out your own small rhythm of prayer. That is my hope for you, to respond to the invitation from your loving Creator, to deepen your connection with yourself, with others, with the earth, and with the God who loves you, through the gift of prayer. 

Thanks be to God!