I love the opportunity that Lent provides. It is a time to try on a spiritual practice for a while. Spiritual practices can look like all sorts of things, sometimes they are general, and other times they are very specific. Spiritual practices can look like giving something up or taking something on; they can look like praying, reading, or preforming acts of generosity and service; they can also look like playing, dancing, singing, hiking, or laughing.. The limit is our imagination.

Whatever helps us reflect and re-connect us with God, with ourselves, with our family and friends, and with the world in a good way is a worthy spiritual practice for Lent. And if these practices continue on after Easter – great. If not, that is OK too. I love this grace-filled nature of Lenten practices. 

One opportunity to pray and reflect this Lent is starting this Thursday evening. A small group will be meeting to discuss Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie’s book, Good Enough.  Whatever your spiritual practice(s) might be this season, whatever you are taking on or letting go of, I hope that you will receive this prayer from Good Enough – a blessing for beginning a new spiritual practice. 

Blessed are we who are trying a new thing,

though we can’t quite see the whole of it. That’s

the beauty of the life of faith. We start in the

middle, at the heart center of an unspoken desire

to live into the glimpse we’ve had of You and of

Your goodness.

Blessed are we who ask You to be the guide as we

begin to build from here and create a stronger,

more flexible rule of life. Trusting that you are

trying to foster life in us.

Blessed are we who remember that we will fall

short. We will fail, but that doesn’t mean we are

ruined. We simply pick up and begin again.

Blessed are we, willing to be beginners all over again.

Thanks be to God!